About Adam

With over a decade of creating award-winning tattoos and gaining extensive worldwide tattoo travel experience; Adam will personally guide and work with you on the details needed to get the best result from the ideas you have for your tattoo.

Adam’s skills include creating anything from small simple tattoos to full custom body suits, full sleeves, full back pieces, cover-ups, fixing old or bad tattoos, and creating some of the most stunning and beautiful portrait tattoos.

Adam generally stays booked 4 to 6 months in advance and works by appointment only. Emails are generally replied to within 10 business days, your patience is greatly appreciated.

If your tattoo requires multiple sessions to finish, monthly scheduled sessions will be made available for you to continue work until your tattoo has been completed in a timely fashion.

Adam takes pride in his work and loves creating beautiful tattoos. If Adam feels he is not the right artist for the job, he will help you find an artist that fits exactly what you are looking for.

Upon request, you are free to view any of Adam’s original work, his sketchbooks, or request a unique custom tattoo straight from his imagination.

If you would like to contact Adam Chiodo about setting up your free tattoo consultation to discuss your concerns, questions, or ideas, please email him directly at InkTailorTattoos@yahoo.com with the subject line: “Tattoo Session.”

For all other questions, feel free to call the studio at 763-574-0079 and leave your first and last name, phone number with area code, and a brief message. Please be patient as all phone calls will be returned as they are received.

Ink Tailor
5001 University Ave N.E.
Columbia Heights, Mn. 55421

I look forward to working with you

Adam Chiodo – “Ink Tailor”